3 extraordinary qualities of wealth

3 extraordinary qualities of wealth

Anyone who is a vegetarian or a vegetarian can eat dhanapata as a spice. Because these treats have many medicinal qualities. It is used everywhere – pulses, curry, fish, radish maize, potatoes, dill. Dhanapata is one of the main uses of spices daily for taste and health.

Let’s find out the medicinal properties of coriander-

১. Dhanapata increases beneficial cholesterol levels by lowering the harmful cholesterol in the body. There is no pair of leaves to keep the liver healthy.

2. Wealth is very useful for people with diabetes. Balances insulin and regulates blood sugar.

৩. Coriander also acts as an herbal ingredient to keep the liver or liver healthy.

৫. Among the riches are iron. So dhanapata can eat to prevent anemia.

৬. As the corrosion contains antiseptic material, it eliminates toxins in the body. Its antifungal and antioxidant ingredients reduce various skin diseases.

৭. You can strengthen your teeth and eat the coriander in the health of the garden.

৮. Coriander contains senile essential oils and linoleic acid, which reduce chronic and nasal pain in the body.

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